RT @andrerobitaille: Beau petit couple! @veronicdicaire #icionchante cet automne à icirctele merci ....

21 August, 2017

Ahhh! Merci! Un privilège d'échanger avec Monsieur @ICIRHR https://t.co/jIa5zoAsiF

21 August, 2017

@IzzyBizu Totally loved your muz! Good job on your opening act in Montréal! #coldplaymontreal #from....

08 August, 2017

07 August, 2017

Ha!ha!!! Thank you! https://t.co/WSpQEYRdkB

06 August, 2017

Thank you! And what a crowd!!! https://t.co/M19afbACqT

06 August, 2017

Thank you!!! https://t.co/xwFKsUm9vT

06 August, 2017

Last night tonight in Glasgow of the wonderful #celinedionlive2017 . Love my summer as support act. ....

05 August, 2017

Leeds last night, Birmingham tonight! It was so nice seeing you again, and hope to see you very soon....

03 August, 2017

Ahhh London what can I say... you were great tonight! Let's do this again tomorrow! #supportactCéli....

29 July, 2017

‪Thank you Birmingham for that warm welcome! It was nice meeting you! See you soon! #CelineDionLiv....

27 July, 2017

Ahhh Berlin.... take my breath away! #celinedionlive2017 #doyougetit

23 July, 2017