New season - new site!

Hi Everybody !

Wow! So much has happened in 2015! I’m currently by the pool, on vacation... reminiscing about all the great souvenirs of the past year! And it’s only half way done ! ;)

We started the year on tour in Québec - during the winter months (!), then travelled to Europe for a crazy run of 26 shows in 43 days… and then back in Vegas for 6 weeks.  After Vegas we went back to New Brunswick - Caraquet to be exact - then spent the summer in St-Sauveur (Qc) where we did 5 weeks of shows in the beautiful Laurentians.

Now I’m off to France to participate in the French version of Dancing with the Stars.  I’m very excited about that, but also a little anxious because I know they will work our butts off !  I’ll try to keep you all informed through this diary section or via my new "Multimedia" wall.

You know, I’m very excited to launch this new version of my website and to see how we will use it going forward.  We tried to come up with interesting new things – like our « Tour dates » map - and developped sections where you can follow me (and our gang) in our daily touring life.  Visit my wall, read my stories through and discover new clips and pics to make your visit fun and real!  You’ll be able to track us on our Tours with our new map, so look us up when we are in your area !

Take care,



Ah ! Dancing With The Stars…  Why did I agree to be part of it !?  Weren’t the 4 hours of audition difficult enough ?  I remember waking up the next morning aching all over and telling myself « never again »… ;)

But after a very long hot shower to ease the pain, I suddenly remembered the young Véronic – it was the summer of ’87 – in front of the TV screen, captivated by Baby in Dirty Dancing.  I must have stretched that VHS tape a few extra feet because I played and replayed that movie all summer long… trying to learn the steps, wanting to be exactly like Baby.  I even asked – it was closer to begging – my mother to buy me those little white shoes !  That movie had me dreaming every time.  It still does.  There is something about the story of a young girl working hard to be great at what she loves to do.

I also remembered the night my parents allowed me to tag along to watch a dance competition in our small town. When I saw the couples on the dance floor, with their costumes and dancing shoes, I thought they were the luckiest people in the world !  How wonderfull it must be for a « princess » to dance with a « prince »…  just like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the movies !  I was dreaming, imagining myself on the dance floor with my beautiful dress and my magical dancing shoes…

So when I got the call to participate in season 6 of Dancing with the Stars France, I thought of all those young girls, just like the young Véronic of ’87.  Maybe they will watch and dream about being in my shoes ?  So I have to do it…  I have to do it for them.  I will dance for my mom who loves dancing but never got to learn ballroom ; I will dance for my friend Robert because he can’t ; I will dance for Céline and René ; I will dance for the young girl out there who doesn’t believe in herself  yet.

I realize the chance I have to be able to be part of that adventure… and I can’t wait to start !  I will dance to have fun, I will dance to learn. I will dance for the love of dancing… and to keep on dreaming.  But if you look closely, you will probably notice the young Véronic I once was… the one that still exists in many ways, the one who believes life is beautiful.  All you have to do is sing… and dance.